Axon’ offers reliable interconnect solutions for industrial applications

Axon’ Cable offer wires, custom designed cables, cable assemblies and connectors designed to meet the challenging applications of the industry. Resistance to extreme temperatures, chemical products, flexibility, flexlife and space saving are requirements which our interconnect solutions are able to meet.

  • high temperature
    High temperature

    Equipment wires insulated with high performance materials including PTFE, ETFE, FEP or polyimide can resist high temperatures ranging from -90°C to +260°C. For applications in steel works or oil refinery, Vibraflame® cables can resist temperatures up to +1565°C.

  • flexible and tough
    Flexible and tough

    Ranging through from conductor to final assembly, Axon’ Cable selects materials which meet robotics constraints. Hybrid flat or round cables have to be robust and flexible to be able to withstand chemical products as well as repeated flexions and torsions. Specially designed for dynamic applications, spiral cables and cable assemblies manufactured by Axon’ Cable have an excellent flexibility and a very good extension coefficient.

  • precision

    Loading and unloading samples or dispensing quantities of fluid (for example ink) require speed and precision. Axon’ Cable manufactures hybrid cables and assemblies made with PTFE tubes and electrical wires. The highly regular diameter of the tubes makes it possible to ensure an accurate quantity of fluid each time.

  • flexible board connections
    Flexible board connections

    Designed for board-to-board or for board to display interconnections, Axojump® flat flexible cables can be terminated with ZIF or LIF connectors.

  • Power

    High current carrying capacity required? Severe temperature, chemical and mechanical resistance needed in a reduced space? Flexforce™, flexible power cables from Axon’ have been designed to respond to these demanding environments.