Axon’ Cable takes up technological challenges of research

Extreme temperatures, radiation, vacuum applications, electromagnetic protection, vibrations and accelerations are challenges that Axon’ Cable can take up. The conductors and insulating materials of Axon’s cables and assemblies are selected to withstand very severe environmental constraints. Our miniature connectors allow for weight and space saving in restricted cabling space.

  • extreme temperatures and radiation
    Extreme temperatures and radiation

    Axon’ Cable has a long experience in manufacturing polyimide insulated cables and cable assemblies for particle accelerators including colliders. Polyimide is an insulating material able to withstand radiation and extreme temperatures (absolute zero, cryogenics).

  • transmission of signals
    Transmission of signals

    For the transmission of signals with minimum distortion and attenuation, Axon’ offers coaxial cables and low noise cables which can be used for example in detectors or bolometers.

  • miniaturisation

    Axon’ has extensive experience in micro miniature solutions. The company offers a complete range of standard and custom designed micro D connectors including combo and non magnetic connectors. The micro-D technology is perfectly suited to a multitude of systems where weight, miniaturisation or signal transmission integrity are paramount.

  • hermeticity

    Hermetic connectors are used in applications where an enclosure needs to be isolated from the outside world. Different sealing technologies are available and Axon’ proposes the most effective solutions for each customer’s specific needs.

  • protection against EMI
    Protection against EMI

    Protecting electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) can be a key issue in high tech applications. From the design of the cable or the whole interconnect, Axon’s engineers specialised in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) intervene and advise with their own simulation software.