Axon’s cables in orbit

Lightweight, small, reliable and resistant to radiation and high temperatures: these are the qualities of wires, cables, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and connectors offered by Axon’ for space applications. Involved in space projects such as the International Space Station, LEO and GEO satellites, manned and unmanned flights, rocket launchers and thrusters, Axon' Cable provides custom designed interconnects for the cabling, data transmission, high data rates links and power distribution in spacecraft. Axon’ which has ISO 7 and ISO 8 clean rooms will provide you with interconnect solutions to your needs. Axon’ is able to support your space projects with all the paperwork including compliant matrix, MTBF, material and process declaration and EIDP.

  • weight saving and reliability
    Weight saving and reliability

    Resistant and lightweight, the wires and cables offered by axon’ are in compliance with ESCC standards. From single core hook-up wires to coaxial cables and data bus cables, the range of ESA wires and cables manufactured by axon’ will meet the most stringent requirements of your space applications. Weight saving is a key issue for space applications. Made with silver plated aluminium conductor, Axalu® aluminium wires have been developed for power distribution in satellites.

  • propulsion

    Axon’ Cable has developed power cables for the latest generation of satellite thrusters. These electric propulsion cables have been designed to take weight out of the overall thruster mechanics while withstanding high temperatures, high voltage and cosmic radiation.

  • data transmission
    Data transmission

    Axon’s MIL-STD-1553 data bus harnesses offer high security of data, signal integrity, weight and space saving, as well as a fast diagnostic of all equipment connected to the bus.

  • high data rates
    High data rates

    Our high data rates interconnect solutions including SpaceWire, Ethernet and IEEE1394 terminated with miniature micro-D connector allow for reliable transmission of data at high speed between on-board devices.

  • low losses
    Low losses

    Axon' has developed microwave coaxial cables dedicated to space applications. They can save up to 30% weight compared to a standard microwave assembly.

  • power distribution in satellites
    Power distribution in satellites

    Bus bar and battery bars developed by Axon’ are used to distribute energy in different parts of a satellite. Their flat configuration allows for weight saving and improved heat dissipation in comparison with a circular power cable bundle.

  • cable assemblies and harnesses
    Cable assemblies and harnesses:
    to your needs

    Terminated with any type of connectors including micro-d, D-sub and MIL-DTL-38999, Axon’ is able to deliver pigtails, cable assemblies and wire harnesses for space applications.

  • Flat interconnect co-engineering
    Flat interconnect co-engineering

    With extensive experience in both flat cable and space requirements, Axon’ can work with customers to develop custom flat interconnect solutions for specific applications. More information in our flyer