Axon' : 50 years in 2015

23 Dec 2014

To celebrate its 5DCnium, Axon’ offers you an original mandala to colour. The lines of a complex cable appear to be very graphic : they can be compared with mandalas or glass stained windows in churches. Just like the conductor core which is the heart of a cable, mandala is made of a centre from which we come and where we go back.

Mandala” is a Sanskrit word meaning cercle. Whatever the tools and the supports used, mandalas are always composed of a source, a “point of origin”, (a centre + circle) around which any creation grows or focuses. This is the case for rose windows of cathedrals, regional dances, village places where people will meet. The heart of each coloured mandala announces the beginning of a new evolution.

Creativity, innovation

The layout of a cable is particularly suited to figurative drawings with round shapes. Each of you is invited to participate and color the cable.
A few color pencils will be sufficient to draw superb mandalas.

Send us your creation

We invite you to send back the coloured mandala with a message in your own language to Axon’ headquarters in Montmirail, France. The deadline is 5th March 2015 which is the end of the Chinese New Year as Axon’ is an international group.
The cards will be exhibited during the events of the 5DCnium. The most innovative will be rewarded.

About Axon’

Axon’ group is specialized in interconnect solutions: cables, connectors and mini-systems. Created in 1965, the company employed 5 staff. In 2015, the Axon’ group employs 1800 staff and has 15 subsidiaries worldwide.
Many events will take place in 2015 worldwide: the first event will be a seminar in Bangalore during AEROINDIA SHOW (18-22 February) where our major aeronautics clients will be invited to discover Axon’ latest interconnect innovations.