A cable resistant to over 1000°C

3 Apr 2015

An electrical cable resistant to a temperature of over 1000°C? Axon’ has created one.
Let’s imagine a cable which is so resistant to fire that it continues working for 3 hours. This kind of cable exists. This is the Vibraflame® range offered by Axon’ Cable. Designed to resist extreme temperatures over 1000°C ,  these cables are the ideal solution for steel industries, refineries, glass factories, foundries, offshore  rigs,etc.

Vibraflame® wires and composite cables are safer: heat resistant, they do not propagate flames and do not contain asbestos. They are resistant to water, chemicals, acids and lubricants. For your power cables, control cables, coaxial cables or power feed cables under extreme temperatures, think Vibraflame®!
The proof in our video