Axon' Cable strengthens its position in the ASEAN zone

12 Dec 2017

Axon’ Cable strengthens its position in the ASEAN zone

After the opening of a technical office in Singapore in March 2017, the French group Axon’ Cable has made the decision to strengthen its position in Singapore and in the ASEAN zone with the creation of a subsidiary in January 2018. Axon’ Cable who had been represented by its agent for 20 years, aims at improving the sales and technical support to customers mainly in aeronautics, defense and space. The brand new subsidiary will be present at Singapore Airshow from 6th to 9th February. This will be a good opportunity to showcase interconnect solutions offered by the Axon’ group. Meet us at the French pavilion, booth F18.

 Think global, act local!

The objective of the brand new subsidiary is to improve technical and sales presence to customers of the ASEAN countries. As a member of the ASEAN (Association of Southest Asian Nations), the City-State of Singapore has an important role in all the nearby countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia). Axon’ Cable Singapore will benefit from the expertise of Axon’ sister companies located in the region. Axon’ India specializes in the manufacture of harnessing for aeronautics and defense while the Chinese factory is dedicated to the production of Flat Flexible Cables, cut and stripped parts, specially designed for electronics and automotive markets. Axon’ France will support the Singaporean sister company in terms of Research & Development and space heritage. The group invests over 10 % of its turnover in Research.

A large expertise in interconnect solutions

Axon’ Cable considers Singapore Airshow as a not-to-be-missed event. This will be a good opportunity to exhibit its cabling solutions and interconnects for challenging environment. Power distribution in satellites, high frequency interconnects for radar, cable assemblies terminated with micro-D connectors and AxotwistTM twist capsules are just a few examples of the challenging interconnect systems Axon’ is able to develop. A twist capsule is a system made with two distinct rings which can rotate with respect to one another. These two parts are cabled with any kind of wires and cable assemblies. The most frequent applications are optoelectronics gimbals, which are video systems on-board drones, helicopters and airfighters.

Ultra-fast connection and modularity

Singapore Airshow will also be a good opportunity to showcase miniature connectors equipped with user-friendly locking systems. A new range of Micro-D products equipped with the D-Click fast latching system allows customers to use the Micro-D technology in systems where the access to connectors is difficult. The company has also engineered Versatys®, a new concept of power connectors. Compared with power D-Sub connectors, this new range of connectors give rise to substantial space and weight saving. With interchangeable lines (power contacts and wire), users can build their connectors themselves. Versatys® connectors can also be equipped with the D-Click system. Both innovative connector types generate real time savings as no tooling is required for this operation.

About Axon’ Cable

Axon’ Cable is a French group with over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision conductors, wires, custom designed cables, connectors, cable assemblies, mini systems and innovative interconnect solutions for high tech industries including avionics, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, research centers, medical, and off shore. The headquarters of the company is situated in Montmirail in France’s Champagne region (100km east of Paris) and employs over 2000 staff worldwide in 16 subsidiaries across Europe, Americas and Asia. The group’s consolidated turnover amounts to 138 million Euro in 2017. Over 70% of Axon’ sales are achieved through international sales.