Axon' presents solutions for ultra-fast connection at Electronica

23 Oct 2018

Ranging from cars to appliances and electronic devices for research centres or space, the list of applications for which the Axon’ Group can provide interconnect solutions is extensive. But all have a common goal: the need for miniature and reliable components. Electronica represents an excellent opportunity for Axon’ to present its expertise in cables, connectors and miniature contacts. High data rate, high temperature, weight and space saving, electromagnetic protection, resistance to severe environments, come and discover interconnect solutions designed for you.  See you on stand 361, hall B2.

Ultra-fast connection and modularity

In addition to its range of micro-D connectors, Axon’ Cable has developed miniature connectors equipped with a user-friendly latching system which gives greater flexibility to customers. A new range of Micro-D products equipped with the D-Click fast latching system allows customers to use the Micro-D technology in space-constrained systems where access to the connectors is difficult. The company has also engineered Versatys®, a new concept of compact power connectors for space applications. Compared with power D-Sub connectors, this new range of connectors gives rise to substantial space and weight saving. With interchangeable lines (power contacts and wire), users can customize their own connectors.  Versatys® connectors can optionally also be equipped with the fast-latching D-Click system.  Both innovative connector types generate real time savings as no tooling is required for this operation.

Electromagnetic protection

Any electronic system can both disturb and be disturbed by the creation of EMI. Poor electromagnetic protection of a device can also have very serious consequences not only upon communication and navigation systems but also upon electrical cables and interconnect which are often the first systems being affected by EMI, and which in turn transmit the problem into their systems.  Not just the cables but the whole interconnect system has to be protected against EMI so that communication and navigation systems can play their role in the electronic devices. From the cable to the connector and the cable assembly, Axon’ will offer the most appropriate EMC solution.

Interconnects for severe environment

Resistance to fluids or chemicals, high temperatures, radiation, these are some examples of technological challenges Axon’ can meet. Insulated with different materials such as ETFE, special thermoplastic compounds designed by Axon’ Cable, irradiated polyolefin, polyurethane (TPU) and polyimide, our high-tech cables are able to meet the most demanding applications including  aeronautics, space applications or research centres and particle detectors. Diablax is for example a new insulating material developed by our engineers to improve the thermal resistance of wires and cables up to 300°C in continuous conditions. This is the only plastic material on the market able to continuously resist this temperature for 2 years.