Many more micro-D step files to download !

13 Dec 2019

About 90 000 step files! This is the number of micro-D step files you can now download from 700 micro-D step files were already available but you can now have access to a much larger range of specs: rectangular, circular, combo, nano-D, combo, backshells and hardware.

Save time with Axon’ step files!

Download the very file you need in a few clicks from our library. You just need to create your account if not done yet. You will receive a link that will confirm your registration. Nothing could be easier!

A large range of micro-D connectors

Axon’ offers a complete range of standard and custom designed rectangular and circular Micro-D connectors based on the MIL-DTL-83513 standard. These robust connectors rise to the challenge of demanding applications and harsh environments. The heart of both the rectangular and circular connectors is the twist pin contact, which by its design and performance is highly reliable.