This will raise a SMILE - Axon’s MicroMach connector takes off !

7 Apr 2020

Axon’s newest High Data Rate connector – the MicroMach® – developed under an ESA Technology Development Element (TDE) and born from the twin legacies of the company’s Micro-D connectors and AxoMach® High Data Rate family has been selected for its first ESA mission – SMILE

The MicroMach® connector will be used along with another successful Axon’ development for ESA – the Low Mass SpaceWire cable – to provide onboard SpaceWire links with unparalleled performance v weight capability.  

Read more about the SMILE mission (a joint mission between ESA and the Chinese Academy of Science – CAS) here, along with ESA’s rationale for confiding this important new connector development to Axon’.

Also, download here Axon’s latest ‘at a glance’ brochure of high speed space interconnect solutions.