Axon’ Cable speeds up with a larger factory!

29 Sep 2020

Following hard on the heels of a brand new factory inaugurated in Bangalore, India in 2019, Axon’ Cable SAS, the headquarters of the Axon’ Group in Montmirail, France, has just overseen the erection, in record time despite the Covid-19 pandemic, of a 4000 m² new facility.  This site, named Axoplus, illustrates the group's desire to accelerate its efforts in terms of innovation.

More space for longer lengths

What is striking when entering the main hall is the immediate impression of space.  Indeed, there are very few supporting columns to hinder the view.   In addition, one part of the roof rises to a height of 15m (50 ft).  The architecture of the building has been specially adapted to accommodate unusual production lines!  These are, among others, lines designed to produce PTFE-insulated cables of very long lengths.  "Delivering long-length reels will allow our customers to reduce machine downtime on their own automated lines," explains Gérard Biscaras, head of Research & Development.  
This 4000 m² building  will soon be full.  Having first been hoisted by a giant crane then gently lowered through the roof, various elements of some of the first machines are already in place.

Cleanly connected

In keeping with the group’s continual drive towards Industry 4.0,  the new production lines installed at Axoplus will be communicating, digitalized and automated.  Data recovery and analysis for optimized process follow-up are the norm.  And just like the lines themselves, the entire plant will be digitally supervised: temperature monitoring, detection of open doors and optimisation of power consumption.   With Covid-19 still very much present, the sanitary facilities are all equipped with automatic detectors and door handles are made of brass, a material known to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria.

About Axon' Cable

Axon' Cable is a French-based group with more than 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of precision cables, connectors, harnesses,  and innovative interconnect solutions.  The company supplies a wide range of high technology industries including mil/aero, space, automotive,  scientific research, medical electronics,  energy and oil & gas.  The group is headquartered in Montmirail in the Champagne region of France (100km east of Paris) and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide in 18 subsidiaries across Europe, America and Asia.  The group's consolidated turnover amounts to some 157 million euro (2019).  More than 70% of Axon's revenue is generated through export.