Two additional ranges of micro-D connectors qualified by ESA

17 Feb 2021

It is official, the European Space Agency has just qualified two new ranges of micro-D connectors designed by Axon'. It is worth noting that out of the last 11 connector standards published on the ESA website, nine concern products developed by Axon'! This is a perfect illustration of the company's expertise both in connectors and in the space field.

Reliable micro-D connectors for an alien environment

Good news: Axon' has just seen its MDSA referenced micro-D connector range qualified to the ESCC3401/029 standard. Small, lightweight, reliable and designed for the harsh space environment, these micro-D connectors have been extensively tested on numerous space missions such as the Mars rovers Curiosity and Perseverance, the scientific satellites Solar Orbiter and Metop, and the European mission Exomars. The icing on the cake, this qualification illustrates Axon' expertise in the field of connectors and electrical links for severe applications.

One-click connection

As good news never comes alone, the micro-D D-Click range (Axon MDDCSA) developed by Axon' Cable has also just been qualified by ESA. This time it is certified to the ESCC3401/091 standard. These miniature connectors are equipped with a quick locking system that requires no tools. The advantage is clear: connect with one click. This range is particularly suitable for confined spaces. Time saving for integration and reliability are the key words of these connectors. They already equip mega satellite constellations.

A long-term flight heritage

Axon' Cable has been involved for more than 20 years in numerous space projects. Launchers, space stations, rovers, satellites in low or geostationary orbit, thrusters and more,  the list of projects for which the company has supplied not only wires but also miniature cable assemblies and connectors is extensive. It perfectly illustrates the company's wideranging and multidisciplinary expertise.