Axon’ halogen free cables meet the most challenging applications

11 Aug 2021

Axon’ Cable has just updated the brochure dedicated to Low smoke halogen free cables by adding Poliax-HT, a new insulation material able to resist temperatures up to 150°C. This is an interesting compromise in terms of flexibility and performance for operating temperatures up to 150°C. Poliax-HT solution extends Axon’ offer, which already includes cables that can withstand temperatures up to 250°C. Additional information about qualification tests as well as new technical data illustrate Axon’ expertise in halogen free cables for harsh environments.

Safe and tough

Low smoke halogen free cables have been designed to avoid propagation of fire and emission of toxic fumes in case of fire in enclosed spaces. Many solutions exist on the market but Axon’s cables combine halogen-free properties with a very good resistance to chemicals or radiation for example. Depending on the insulating material, they are designed to resist up 250°C while maintaining very good electrical performance. Axon’ expertise also consists in selecting the appropriate materials and optimizing the design of the cable to customer’s application.

Proven quality

The halogen-free solutions offered by Axon' have been evaluated by independent laboratories to ensure safety and performance according to international and French standards. The tests include halogen content (IEC 60754-1) low toxicity of emissions (IEC 60754-2, NF X 70-100), and smoke density (IEC 61034-2, NF X 10-702, NF F16-101).