Axon' exhibits at Medi’Nov Connection 2022 in Lyon

25 Mar 2022

Axon' Cable will be present at the 2022 edition of the Medi'Nov Connection exhibition which will take place at the Lyon Convention Center on March 30 and 31. This will be an opportunity for Axon' to present its expertise in custom cables and interconnection systems for medical devices.  Biocompatible, sterilizable, implantable, the cables manufactured by Axon' Cable are designed for the most severe constraints. Visit us at Medi’Nov Connection, booth 141.

Complete solutions

Axon' uses its expertise to develop all-in-one solutions that meet the most demanding specifications of medical device manufacturers. Integrating cables, connectors, mechanical parts and various components, Axon' produces complete solutions and cable assemblies, from the manufacturing of the conductors to the connection of the connectors. These solutions are designed to be flexible, adapted and resistant to the handling of medical personnel and patients in various medical environments.

Axon' also has a great deal of expertise in overmolding, allowing it to offer cables assemblies that are sealed to external contamination.  These overmoldings (silicone, elastomers, medical grade PVC, PUR) protect the cable/connector interface, which is the weakest part of the cable assembly, as well as the different branches of the link.

Meeting the requirements of medical devices

The solutions proposed by Axon' are intended to be in direct contact with patients, whether for diagnostic solutions, interventions or implants. They are therefore manufactured from biocompatible materials (ISO10993 §5 and 10, SP class VI). The materials can also be sterilized according to the customer's requirements (cold disinfection, plasma, steam, ethylene oxide, gamma, etc.).

In order to always respect the strictest manufacturing conditions for example for implantable cable assemblies and to limit as much as possible the possibility of contamination of its interconnection solutions, Axon' is equipped with ISO 7 clean rooms, in which microbiological controls are regularly performed.