Overmoulding: a real expertise

26 Apr 2022

As a protection, overmoulding extends the life of cable assemblies and harnesses. This expertise requires particular skills and knowledge especially when interconnects are used in harsh environments. In order to offer the very product needed by customers, co-engineering plays a key role.

For an optimal protection

The process of overmolding involves joining together a set of parts while guaranteeing mechanical integrity and providing resistance to a variety of conditions such as abrasion, shock, radiation, chemicals and temperature. Overmolding provides robust and tailor-made mechanical protection for example foe the cable/connector interface which is traditionaly the weakest point of cable assemblies.

The key role of co-engineering

The role of upstream co-engineering with the customer becomes essential to select not only the right overmolding material but also the techniques of molding or overmolding. It is, unfortunately, fairly commonplace that the integration of cables and interconnect solutions is not considered until very late in the design process. A co-engineering phase is essential to propose the most suitable and ready-to-use solution.

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