Meet Axon' at Micronora in Besançon

22 Sep 2022

In less than a week, four companies of the Axon' group will be present at Micronora, the international microtechnology trade fair in Besançon. Axon'Cable, Axon'Mechatronics, Axon'Nanotec and Addix will present their respective know-how in cables and connectors, miniature connections, metal-plastic parts and elastomeric components. You will find them from 27 to 30 September on their joint booth (300-301/400-401), hall C.

Axon' Cable: miniaturisation at the heart of innovation

Axon' designs and manufactures wires, cables, connectors and assemblies for cutting-edge technologies such as aeronautics, space, medical, research, defence, automotive and electronics. Weight savings and small size are constraints in these extreme environments. Miniaturisation is therefore an imperative.

Micronora will be an excellent opportunity for the Axon' group to present its micro-technology solutions: micro-D connectors with a pitch of 1.27mm, but also nano-D connectors, with a pitch of 0.635mm, i.e. 4 times smaller than Sub-D connectors.

Axon' Mechatronics: more than 60 years of experience in interconnect solutions.

For over 60 years, Axon' Mechatronics has been an expert in the development and production of industrial connectors. The company designs and manufactures overmolded and assembled connectors, sealed connectors with press-fit terminations, mechatronics parts, assembled connections, power leadframes and stamped metal parts.

In addition to its expertise, it offers a complete co-engineering and co-design service with dedicated engineers, prototyping, creation of production tools (stamping tools, injection molds and assembly machines) as well as taking charge of the production phase.

The Breton company, located in Quimper, specialises in the automotive, industrial and electronics markets.

Axon' Nanotec: The world of the infinitely precise

Axon' Nanotec designs and manufactures high precision parts for industrial sectors requiring extreme miniaturisation such as cosmetics, medical, watchmaking, aeronautics and space.

Its core competencies include micro-assembly, micro-cutting, micro-injection, as well as related mechanical and micromechanical tasks such as the production of moulds and stamping tools.

Located in Villers-le-Lac in the French Doubs region, the company joined the Axon' group in January 2017.

Addix: expert in elastomeric components

With over 70 years of experience in elastomeric components, Addix designs and manufactures molded parts, stamped parts, interface seals, connector elements, bonded parts, extruded parts including profiles and special shapes. The company also offers keyboards and membranes. Its customised solutions are specialised for the aerospace, military, space, offshore, medical and industrial markets.

Addix has its own in-house laboratory which formulates and manufactures standard and customised compounds such as: conductive compounds, food grade compounds (FDA), aerospace approved compounds as well as compounds capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh environments.