The Axon' group highlights its expertise in custom-designed connectors and cables at Electronica

18 Oct 2022

From industrial applications including robotics, through automotive and Electronics, to avionics and space, the list of applications for which the Axon’ group is able to design connectors, cable assemblies and interconnect solutions is extensive. All have the same goal: the need for reliable and miniature components which are easy to connect or to integrate. Electronica is an excellent opportunity for Axon’ to present its expertise in custom-designed interconnect solutions for the toughest environments. Meet us Booth 439 Hall B2, 15-18 November, Munich.

Fast connection and easy integration

Need for easy-to-mate connectors in a restricted space? Axon’ Cable has designed miniature connectors with fast-locking solutions which can meet these challenging requirements. As an example, Micro-D D-Click connectors are equipped with a fast-latching system which gives greater flexibility to users. This is the ideal solution for applications where the access to connectors is difficult. For extreme miniaturization, Axon’ fast-locking nano-D connectors offer quick connection/disconnection.

Flat flexible cables: from robotics to spacecraft

The common application of Flat Flexible Cables is the connection of PCBs. But given the constraints of miniaturisation and data transmission, flat cable is proving to be a reliable solution in the industry. As an example, Axon’ exhibits a Kinova robotic arm at Electronica (booth 439, hall B2). This modular and flexible tool is made with 100 ohm impedance flat flexible cables able to transmit data between the actuators located in the arm. Visitors will be able to see how accurate Kinova robotic arm is when it connects and disconnects a D-Click micro-D connector.
In addition to robotics, Axon’ flat flexible cables can be adapted to meet, for example a high cycle of flex life for dynamic applications in cars or designed to be used in industrial equipment or to connect solar panels in spacecraft.

Overmolding extends the life of cable assemblies

Overmolding makes cable assemblies stronger. More than a mechanical protection, this expertise is a real asset to consider when designing reliable interconnect solutions. Shaping, strain relief, sealing, protection of shielding termination, absorption of repeated flexes, cosmetic aspect, the benefits of overmolding are numerous. From medical to automotive and defense, Axon’ engineers are able to choose the right materials and design the mold tools for optimized cable assemblies and molded parts.

Industrial connectors and leadframes: to your needs

Bespoke connectors by Axon’ Mechatronics, a company of the Axon’ group, are designed for a variety of termination styles. They can be connected to PCBA, or terminate wires, flat flexible cables and flexible circuits. Depending on the applications, power and signal connectors can be made with through-hole terminals, pin-in-paste terminals, surface mount terminals (SMT), and pressfit terminals. Electronica is also the opportunity for Axon’ Mechatronics, to showcase leadframes. These metal parts are stamped and formed metal circuits on to which electronic components are soldered or attached during the device assembly process. Axon’ Mechatronics leadframes made from a variety of possible materials connect the wiring from the electrical leads of components to the output terminals of automotive, electrical devices and Printed Circuit Boards. The stamped leadframes can also be assembled or overmolded to form the housing of an electronic system.