Axon’ Latvia opens the doors of its production sites on 3rd December in Daugavpils

23 Nov 2022

Axon’ Cable SIA, a company of the Axon’ group specialized in the manufacture of connectors and interconnect solutions for challenging environments organizes an Open Day on 3rd December in Daugavpils, Latvia. From 10.00 am to 2.00pm, Axon’ employees, their families, and local citizens will have the opportunity to visit the main building and a new workshop. Future candidates for open positions are welcome.

The latest Open Day organised by the Latvian subsidiary took place in 2015. Seven years later, the activity has continued to grow. From over 400 in 2015, the number of employees now exceeds 700 people which illustrates the good health of the company. This Open Day is a good opportunity for the public to visit workshops located in the main building, Vishky 21 C and the new premises at Mendelejeva 5 in Daugavpils. These workshops are dedicated to the manufacture of cable assemblies and connectors for robotics, medical market, space, oil exploration and avionics. The molding workshop with its impressive molding machines dedicated to the manufacture of plastic parts for the automotive will also be open.

The public is far from imagining that it is necessary to have expertise in a large number of areas to manufacture cables and interconnect solutions for cutting-edge industries. This Open Day may give rise to vocations among the visitors. Children will be able to try to connect a cable to a connector. They will also play games and enjoy attractions.

In addition to the workshops, visitors will have the opportunity to admire an exhibition presented by the Daugavpils Region Artists Association«Between the creative work of the artist and our efforts for innovation, we find a similarity in the approach, which explains without doubt that exhibitions of works of art are naturally integrated in our industrial events». This statement made by Axon’s President and CEO Mr Joseph Puzo illustrates the commitment of the company towards artists.