Industry Week: come and discover Axon's jobs

28 Nov 2022

On 9 December, Axon' Cable is organising a day to present industrial jobs as part of Industry Week, for which the Marne-based company's event has been labelled.

Throughout the day, secondary school pupils, students, job seekers as well as employees and their families will have the opportunity to discover the various Axon' jobs thanks to workshop visits, presentation stands and various activities.

A day for all profiles

This “job discovery” day will take place in the Axoplus hall. The 4000m² building, inaugurated in October 2020, has been specially designed to accommodate very long length cable manufacturing lines, perfectly illustrating the group's desire to accelerate its efforts in terms of innovation.

The morning will be dedicated to welcoming students from the region. Upon invitation, the doors of the new factory will be open to them from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm to discover the different jobs in the industry and to exchange with Axon' employees. These groups will be made up of pupils from secondary and high school as well as students from partner colleges.

From 1:30 to 4:00 pm, the company will welcome job seekers. Mini booths presenting the different jobs will be set up in the hall of the new factory. These stands will be animated by Axon' employees as well as by the Human Resources team. For those most interested, a pre-recruitment process will be carried out directly on site.

Finally, Axon' employees and their families will be invited from 4pm onwards to share a convivial moment. This will be an opportunity for employees to show their work to their families and also to meet the management. Numerous activities will be offered such as the Formula 1 driving simulator made entirely by Axon' Cable engineers or the presentation of the Axionate programme: Health, Sport, Well-being in the company.

An event labelled by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance

The “Industry Week” is an annual event whose purpose is to promote the industry sector and its jobs to the general public by means of events organised throughout France. It is both an opportunity to introduce the sector to secondary school students, apprentices and job seekers and to promote the trades and expertise of companies on French soil. The week is steered at the national level by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance via the General Directorate for Enterprises (DGE).

The event will also be sponsored by the French job organisation Pôle Emploi, the local mission, the Grand-Est region, Piste (Service intermediation platform for state transformation) and Greta (training centre).

New career opportunities

The Axon' job discovery day will be followed by a collective information meeting and a MRS (Method of Recruitment by Simulation) recruitment session organised by Pôle Emploi on 13 December.