Axon’ India exhibits at Aero India 2023

27 Jan 2023

The Axon’ group will be present at the Aero India show in Bangalore from 13th to 17th February 2023 on booth AS1.6-7 Hall A.  With a significant part of its turnover in avionics, space and defense, the company considers this air show as the place-to-be.  Aero India represents an excellent opportunity to promote not only the expertise in interconnect solutions of the whole Axon’ group but also its made-in-India cable assemblies and harnesses. In addition, on the evening of February 15th, the Indian subsidiary Axon’ Interconnectors and Wires will hold an “illuminated factory tour” to thank its partners and customers.

Interconnect solutions designed for harsh environments

When the environment becomes too severe, having robust and reliable interconnect solutions is required. Axon’ wires and composite cables insulated with high performance materials can resist harsh environments including crush resistance, cut-through, flexibility and tensile strength.

The flight heritage of the group speaks for itself: data bus harnesses for A400M and A350 aircrafts, Mars Orbiter Mission Mangalyaan and the Ariane and Vega rocket launchers, miniature micro-D connectors for the Curiosity Rover, cable assemblies and harnesses for the European Sentinel-1 satellite, high data rate cable links Axomach® for Mars Space Probe Maven, micro-D connectors and cable assemblies for aircraft. These are just a few examples of challenges Axon’ is able to rise.

Weight and space saving

Wires, cables and cable assemblies offered by Axon’ are manufactured with conductors and lightweight materials in order to reduce overall mass in aircraft where every gram counts.  As the available space is very limited, Axon’ manufactures interconnect solutions designed to ease the routing and mechanical installation.  For example, in order to connect the flight command system, Axon’ designs cable assemblies terminated by Micro-D connectors.  Although miniature, these connectors are highly resistant to both vibration and shock.  Axon’ has also developed highly flexible cables which can greatly ease mechanical installation and thereby improve the resulting interconnect life.

Furthermore, the wires and cables offered by Axon’ are in compliance with ESCC standards. From single core hook-up wires to coaxial cables and data bus cables, the range of ESA wires and cables manufactured by Axon’ will meet the most stringent requirements of your space applications.

Electromagnetic protection

Whether for air, land or marine battlefields, Axon’ Cable designs reliable and rugged interconnects. In the context of electronic warfare, electromagnetic interference is a key issue to be considered for military electronic equipment. Axon’ has a long expertise in this field and offer EMI optimised cable assemblies and connectors.

Your offset partner

The Axon’ group will also be present on Stand B4.1 in a Pavilion organized by the French Avionics and Space association GIFAS.  Axon’s experts in offset as well as the sales team of Dhruv Axon’ Interconnect Pvt. Ltd, the joint venture created between the Axon’ group and an Indian consortium, will highlight interconnect solutions offered by the defense Indian market.  Moreover, Dhruv Axon’ and Axon’ Interconnectors & Wires are both Authorised Economic Operators.  This trusted AEO status, delivered by the local Customs Authorities in each country, simplifies customs procedures which allows for customers to receive their goods more rapidly.

About Axon’

Set up in Bangalore since 2010, Axon’ Interconnectors & Wires has been manufacturing wires and cable assemblies terminated with Axon’ micro-D connectors and many other industry connectors.  The Indian subsidiary is part of the Axon’ Group which designs and manufactures cables, connectors and interconnect systems for challenging markets.  In 1965, the company employed just 5 staff.  Over 50 years later, the Axon’ group, with headquarters located in the Champagne region in France, employs over 2,500 people in 21 subsidiaries worldwide.  In 2021, the consolidated turnover amounted to some € 170 million with 70% of sales achieved through export.