After Ariane 5, the conquest of space continues for Axon' cable

7 Jul 2023

A new chapter begins! After 27 years and 117 flights, Ariane 5's career is coming to an end. A veritable nervous system, Axon' cable and harness networks have ensured the transmission of information from the brain to all the launcher's systems over all these years. Hardly any other piece of equipment has performed so many functions in a rocket.

A challenge to be met
For Axon', the adventure began in the 1990s, following a call for tenders from Aerospatiale. Joint development gave rise to the data transmission links that have equipped all Ariane 5 launchers, specially designed to carry heavy payloads into space. "We learned an enormous amount in terms of technique, procedure, documentation, formalism and expertise," explains Gilles Rouchaud, development and production manager for aerospace at Axon' Cable. "We've learned how to write up non-conformities. Even our reports were inspired by those of Ariane. It was the first major product qualification for Axon'.  "he recalls. This project enabled the company to gain recognized expertise in connections for the space market.

A key role
Data transmission cables manufactured by Axon' played a key role in the Ariane 5 rocket. From the communications system (SDC) to the flight control systems and the electrical power systems, all orders passed through these links. It was therefore vital that orders passed reliably through the communication system. One wrong order and the flight was in jeopardy.

Succession is assured
The space market has evolved in recent years. New players are offering lighter, partly reusable launchers. The trend is towards minisatellites, microsatellites and megaconstellations.  That's why Axon' Cable's engineers have made weight reduction a priority. The space adventure is not about to end for the Marne-based company. Connections and cables are on the Vega-C launcher, designed to launch light payloads, and Axon' will also be on board Ariane 6.