• On 9 December, Axon' Cable is organising a day to present industrial jobs as part of Industry Week, for which the Marne-based company's event has been labelled.

    Throughout the day, secondary school pupils, students, job seekers as well as employees and their families will have the opportunity to discover the various Axon' jobs thanks to workshop visits, presentation stands and various activities.

  • Axon’ Cable SIA, a company of the Axon’ group specialized in the manufacture of connectors and interconnect solutions for challenging environments organizes an Open Day on 3rd December in Daugavpils, Latvia. From 10.00 am to 2.00pm, Axon’ employees, their families, and local citizens will have the opportunity to visit the main building and a new workshop. Future candidates for open positions are welcome.

  • From industrial applications including robotics, through automotive and Electronics, to avionics and space, the list of applications for which the Axon’ group is able to design connectors, cable assemblies and interconnect solutions is extensive. All have the same goal: the need for reliable and miniature components which are easy to connect or to integrate. Electronica is an excellent opportunity for Axon’ to present its expertise in custom-designed interconnect solutions for the toughest environments. Meet us Booth 439 Hall B2, 15-18 November, Munich.

  • In less than a week, four companies of the Axon' group will be present at Micronora, the international microtechnology trade fair in Besançon. Axon'Cable, Axon'Mechatronics, Axon'Nanotec and Addix will present their respective know-how in cables and connectors, miniature connections, metal-plastic parts and elastomeric components. You will find them from 27 to 30 September on their joint booth (300-301/400-401), hall C.

  • For two decades, the need for ever-increasing capacity and speed to move data through our electronic devices has generated the deployment of millions of kilometers of optical fiber across the planet, thus enabling the creation of very high-speed networks. In telecommunications, the advantages linked to fiber optics, including high data rate and reliable transmission (EMI protection), have been known to engineers for a very long time. Today we consider technologies related to photonics to have reached maturity. However, for harsh environments, such as avionics and defense, key issues related to high temperatures, vibration, and shock must be considered to maximize the efficiency of optical technologies. In space, requirements are even more critical, as the photonic payload must also resist radiation, atomic oxygen, and outgassing.

  • The Vega-C rocket, European Space Agency's (ESA) new launcher, successfully made its maiden flight from the Kourou space centre on Wednesday 13th July. An evolution of the Vega launcher, for which AXON' Cable already supplied MIL-STD-1553 data transmission harnesses, Vega-C's placed seven European satellites into Earth orbit. This maiden flight was the first of a series of launches for which AXON' will continue to provide its expertise.

  • AXON' Interconnectors & Wires, the Bangalore-based Indian subsidiary of Axon' Cable Group, and ITI Pragathi, the Industrial Training Institute in Vijayapura, are joining hands to train students in the demanding field of connectivity. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will take place at the Axon' factory in Bangalore on the 10th of June 2022 in the presence of the French Ambassador to India

  • As a protection, overmoulding extends the life of cable assemblies and harnesses. This expertise requires particular skills and knowledge especially when interconnects are used in harsh environments. In order to offer the very product needed by customers, co-engineering play sa key role.