• The Vega-C rocket, European Space Agency's (ESA) new launcher, successfully made its maiden flight from the Kourou space centre on Wednesday 13th July. An evolution of the Vega launcher, for which AXON' Cable already supplied MIL-STD-1553 data transmission harnesses, Vega-C's placed seven European satellites into Earth orbit. This maiden flight was the first of a series of launches for which AXON' will continue to provide its expertise.

  • AXON' Interconnectors & Wires, the Bangalore-based Indian subsidiary of Axon' Cable Group, and ITI Pragathi, the Industrial Training Institute in Vijayapura, are joining hands to train students in the demanding field of connectivity. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will take place at the Axon' factory in Bangalore on the 10th of June 2022 in the presence of the French Ambassador to India

  • As a protection, overmoulding extends the life of cable assemblies and harnesses. This expertise requires particular skills and knowledge especially when interconnects are used in harsh environments. In order to offer the very product needed by customers, co-engineering play sa key role.

  • When it comes to specifying the links or connectors used in a harsh environment application, knowledge of the constraints surrounding the application is necessary to propose the best possible technological solution. Interconnects already on the market
    generally have limited performance in terms of temperature resistance or electrical characteristics. Optimizing these solutions for harsh environments becomes a vital and necessary step.

  • Axon' Cable will be present at the 2022 edition of the Medi'Nov Connection exhibition which will take place at the Lyon Convention Center on March 30 and 31. This will be an opportunity for Axon' to present its expertise in custom cables and interconnection systems for medical devices.  Biocompatible, sterilizable, implantable, the cables manufactured by Axon' Cable are designed for the most severe constraints. Visit us at Medi’Nov Connection, booth 141.

  • The quantity of data to be transmitted between devices onboard spacecraft can reach up to several tens of Gb/s, and that volume is constantly increasing. Data transmission is much more than transmitting 0s and 1s. The type of information, the speed, and the signal integrity are key issues which also must be considered. The high-speed links have to be adapted to the environment. When designing the links for spacecraft, engineers have to take into account parameters for outgassing, resistance to radiation, and weight-saving.

  • Axon’ China which was already approved as an Authorised Economic Operator (category A) since 2016 has been officially moved to AA category in the China customs import/export system. This status enables Axon’ China to receive and send goods more rapidly as customs procedures are simplified. This label illustrates the group commitment in continuously improving customer satisfaction.

  • What is the impact of my industrial activity on the environment? This is the question that Axon' and a dozen other companies in the region have been trying to answer for a year. The aim is to define the life cycle of manufactured products in order to limit their impact on the environment. This is a voluntary approach promoted by the Grand Est region and the French ecological transition agency ADEME, which is based on ISO 14001. To support companies, the region has set up a collective support program called CYVISO 14001. This study already provides answers that will impact the design of Axon' interconnect links and connectors.