Maximum Current of an Operating Wire

This application allows you to work out the maximum acceptable intensity inside a wire with copper conductor. You just have to enter the area of the single wire, the ambient temperature, the insulating material, the configuration of the cable and the programme makes the calculation of the maximum current for you !
  • Initial data (single wire)

    • 1- SPECIFY  
        Area (mm²):   (0.055 - 120 mm²)
        Gauges AWG

    • 2- SPECIFY Ambient temperature(°C):
            (20 - 150 °C)

    • 3- CHOOSE Insulating material:
  • In a cable (minimum 2 wires)

    • 4- SELECT  
      Flat assembly
      Bundle (open air) Number of elements in the bundle  
      Bundle (confined air) Number of elements in the bundle  
      Single wire
    • 5-   Calculate 

  • The values above are only given for information.
    AXON'CABLE SAS will not be responsible for all the uses of its results.