Axon' Kabel GmbH:
Local Design and Sales Support


    Hertichstr. 43
    71229  LEONBERG

    Postfach 1131
    71201 LEONBERG

    Tel.: +49 7152 97992-0
    Fax: +49 7152 97992-7
  • Ranging from flat flexible cables, to composite cables and cable assemblies, Axon’ Kabel GmbH offers custom designed cables and interconnects to very demanding applications including automotive, aeronautics, space, medical and electronics.

    Axon' Kabel GmbH was founded in Limburg in 1971 and moved to Leonberg in 1989, where they employ over 25 staff.
    The local sales and design teams will help customers in the choice and design of any specific requirements for complete interconnect solutions. The logistic team will deliver the products in a short time.
    Sales area: Austria, Germany, Switzerland (German-speaking area)


    • ISO 9001