Axon' Interconex :
Close to the American Market


    Av. Peñuelas 21-A1
    Industrial San Pedrito Peñuelas
    Querétaro Park
    76148  QUERÉTARO, QRO.

    Tel.: +52 442 2152713
    Fax: +52 442 2206464
  • Axon' Interconex manufactures Axojump® Flat Flexible Cables, Axolink® Flat Display Cables, Picocoax® miniature coaxial cables,Axopack® Dessiccant bags,mechatronics components, Micro-D connectors and assemblies for use by the automotive, medical, electronics, space, military and oil industries in North America.

    The production facility is located in Querétaro about 137 miles northwest of Mexico City and 622 miles southwest of Laredo, TX. Thanks to its strategic location in the center of the country and near major highway networks, it can serve the entire US and Canadian marketplace.
    Querétaro is one of the 10 biggest cities in the country. Its main industries are Food processing and Automotive manufacturing.

    Axon' Interconex was established to serve Axon' Customers based in America and Mexico with a competitive labor rate and proven quality.


    • ISO 9001
    • EN 9100
    • ISO 14001

    Integrated Quality Policy

    At Axon 'Interconex we manufacture interconnection solutions for innovative industries and we express our commitment to customer satisfaction through the following principles:

    • Compliance with the requirements and expectations of our relevant Interested Parties.
    • Efficiency in our production processes.
    • On time Deliveries to our customers.
    • Continuous improvement in our operation.
    • Our relevant Interested Parties and other associates in our projects and code of Ethics (Corporate Policy), are focused on the active and voluntary contribution to the social, the economic and the environmental improvement.

    Política Integral de Calidad

    En Axon’ Interconex fabricamos soluciones de interconexión para industrias innovadoras y manifestamos nuestro compromiso de satisfacción al cliente a través de los siguientes principios:

    • Cumplimiento con los requerimientos y expectativas de las partes interesadas relevantes.
    • Eficiencia en nuestros procesos de producción.
    • Entregas a tiempo a nuestros clientes.
    • Mejora continua en nuestra operación.
    • Nuestras partes interesadas relevantes y demás asociados en nuestros proyectos y código de ética (Política corporativa), están enfocados a la contribución activa y voluntaria al mejoramiento social, económico y ambiental.

    Environment Policy

    In AXON' INTERCONEX we are committed with the environment through pollution prevention, the compliance with legal and other requirements that apply; for the distribution and fabrication of harnesses and connectors. The keys to achieve it, is the establishment of goals, objectives, and following programs seeking the efficient use of the resources, thus achieving continuous improvement of our environmental performance in all facilities, activities and processes.

    Politica Ambiental

    En AXON’ INTERCONEX estamos comprometidos con el medio ambiente a través de la prevención de la contaminación, el cumplimiento de los requisitos legales y otros requisitos que apliquen, para la distribución y la fabricación de arneses y conectores. Esto se logra con base al establecimiento de metas, objetivos y programas que buscan el uso eficiente de los recursos, logrando así la mejora continua de nuestro desempeño ambiental en todas las instalaciones, actividades y procesos.

    Axiónate: how to improve the quality of life?

    How to help employees to be fitter and lose weight ? The subsidiary’s managers launched the Axiónate programme in 2015. Sporting activities were proposed to the staff. New eating habits were encouraged. Results: more teamwork and the percentage of overweight people decreased.

    Video : Film made by students from Tec in Monterrey, Querétaro campus.